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【Workshop /Training】English Campus Tour Guide Training: NDHU Campus Ecology, Art, and History

English Campus Tour Guide Training: NDHU Campus Ecology, Art, and History



Would you like to be a campus tour guide and share your college experience with prospective students, their families, and important guests? As NDHU grows, more and more international students and academic groups are coming to the campus to study or to visit. Therefore, an English campus tour is a door for this increasingly large group of guests and students to get to know the most beautiful campus in Taiwan. 


In this English Campus Tour Guide Training Program, there will be 4 workshops and 2 training sessions. The 4 workshops will introduce the landscape, natural environment, school history and building architecture, and public art installments found at NDHU. In the workshops you will learn how to lead a tour group and how to explain the various topics covered. The trainings will be hands on experience leading a (practice!) tour. If you are interested, we welcome you to join our English Campus Tour Guide program. Please apply online at the Language Center.


Workshop (12:15~14:00; Humanities and Social Science Bldg II, Lecture Hall 1)


4/21MondayLandscape and Plants & How to Guide| LecturerTrevor Padgett  Sigh up here


4/23WednesdayAnimals & How to Guide | LecturerTrevor Padgett Sigh up here


4/28MondayBuildings and History & How to Guide | LecturerJeremy Greenway Sigh up here


5/05MondayPublic Art guide & How to Guide | LecturerJeremy Greenway  Sigh up here


***  Participants who join the workshops on April 21st or April 23rd, with  stamped point cards, can get a ticket to the charity sports show, or a 10 NTD discount of office sports show.  
*** For information about the Sports Show please visit the
 facebook page


Training (09:00~14:00; Meeting place will be announced during the workshops)


4/26SaturdayTraining 1: Tour guide training for Landscape and Plants & Birds and other Animals [40 people] Sigh up here


5/10SaturdayTraining 2: Tour guide training for History of NDHU and Buildings & Public Art  [40 persons] Sigh up here


InstructorsTrevor Padgett, Crystal McRae, Jeremy Greenway, 吳佩儀, 鄭岱芸  


*** All training sessions will be on-campus. Be prepared to be outside (rain or shine) and walking 
*** Training 1: The training materials and content are designed based on the workshops of 4/21 and 4/23. Please attend these workshops before signing up for Training 1 

*** Training 2: The training materials and content are designed based on the workshops of 4/28 and 5/05. Please attend these two workshops before signing up for Training 2. 

***There are only 40 places available for each training, please sign up early if you are interested.. 


Extra Information: 


·         18-hour English Campus Tour Guide certificate will be issued for those who attend all workshop and training sessions. 


·         Guide trainee for Master Academy, Office of International Affairs, Secretariat 


·         Hours can be uploaded to Student E-learning




Organized By: Language Center, NDHU  


Supported By: Committee for General Education, Master Academy, Office of International Affairs, Friendship Ambassador, Department of Physical Education and Kinesiology (NDHU Friendship Ambassador facebook ;NDHU 103 Sports Show facebook)


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